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Vitiligo is diagnosed by development of well defined white patches caused by the loss of pigment called melanin in the skin.It often occurs secondary to the destruction of melanocytes or the pigment forming cells.Lecoderma or vitiligo occurs in all races but the condition is more prominent in Indians because of our tanned  skin colour.Patients with this condition have a lot of psychological and social distress.

Types of Vitiligo

1. Focal pattern-this is limited to only one or a few areas.

2. Segmental pattern- occurs only on one side of the body.

3. Generalised pattern -occurs symmetrically.


The goal is to stop disease activity and the spread of the white patches

and to repigment the areas of leucoderma.

Medical Treatment

Steroids, tacrolimus

Oral steroids

Narrow Band Ultraviolet light treatment

4.Excimer laser

Surgical treatment

1. Skin grafting

2.minipunch grafting

3. Melanocyte culture

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