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Dermaroller is a simple device used to induce new collagen formation and improve wrinkles,scars,pigmentation and chicken pox scars.The depth of the skin is about 1.5mm,hence the length of the dermaroller needlesare between 0.1mm and 1.5mm.Dermarollers which are longer are painful and requires anaesthetic cream before the procedure.

Mechanism of action in microneedling

Microneedling is a complex process but its principle is easy to understand.It stimulates large amounts of collagen under the skin.The skin responds to thousands of micropunctures done by the dermarollers,by producing large amounts of collagen.Since the needles are very fine,there is hardly any superficial tissue damage. Skin cells around the micropuncture send signals to undifferentiated cells,in turn these signals stimulate the production of new cells by the fibroblasts. The fine channels made by the dermarollers close very quickly.This is a big advantage as compared to laser remodelling where there is significant epidermal damge and may result in pigmentation on the skin.

Dermarollers are best for the treatment of acne scars and at Cosmodermacare have performed hundreds of dermaroller treatments. Microneedling can also be useful for stretch marks, pigmentation and as a general antiaging treatment. 

Dermarollers have changed the treatment of acne scarring. Lasers were done previously to improve acne scars but the chances of pigmentation and scarring, makes it a very risky treatment.Dermarollers have almost negated the risk of lasers and can be done several times to improve scars by a great extent by experienced hands.Dermarollers can also be used to treat hair loss.